Non-Seasonal Depression
(Major Depression, Dysthymia, Adjustment Disorder with Depression)

More recently, although far from a brand new discovery, researchers have found that LT is very effective for many people seeking treatment for other, non-seasonal depressions. A summary of a study performed at the University of California at San Diego can be accessed here:

The following study reviewed all available studies that looked at LT for non-seasonal depression:

This review of the published research found Bright Light Therapy to be as effective as SSRI anti-depressants. Since this review was undertaken, it has come to light that many of the pharmaceutical companies were only releasing to the public the studies showing positive results for their medicines. Taking that into consideration, we can expect that a similar review with access to complete information would show Light Therapy to produce results superior to SSRIs in the treatment of depression.

The use of anti-depressants in children, adolescents and young adults has come under significant scrutiny recently resulting in strong warnings about the use of these medications in young people. A course of Bright Light Therapy under the direction of a skilled and experienced provider as a first intervention can avoid that situation for most people. New Light Solutions works closely with pediatricians, primary care providers, and psychotherapists to assist in this process.

Another interesting study exploring the influence of light on depression looked at patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital for depression as well as bipolar disorder with depression. The researchers, from Milan, Italy, found that the average length of stay was over three days shorter for the bipolar patients assigned to a room with an east-facing window, receiving early morning light at sunrise, than for those assigned to a room with the window facing west. This preliminary study is summarized at: