Welcome to New Light Solutions - - your source for information and guidance for Light Therapy including the equipment and its optimal use for a range of conditions and needs. This website will give you information to help you decide if you believe Light Therapy might be helpful for you. Also, you will have an opportunity to contact us to ask further questions or to set up a chance to try Light Therapy for yourself.

Bright Light Therapy (LT) has been found in many rigorous, published studies to be a valuable medication-free tool that can be used by most people, including those suffering from depression, many hormone imbalances, sleep cycle disturbances, Alzheimer's, and others. The research continues with new benefits being found all the time. The list on the left of this page includes many of the well-studied areas where Light Therapy has been found to be helpful. We encourage you to click on a few to see the many ways LT is being used. We have included links to the professional journals or other reports so you can more fully learn about and understand Bright Light Therapy.

New Light Solutions is committed to expanding the awareness of Bright Light Therapy as the valuable tool that it is. In addition, we offer both rental and sales of Light Therapy equipment to make it easier and more affordable for you to learn if LT can be helpful for you.

New Light Solutions and NewLightSolutions.com is a personal service aimed solely at helping individuals assess whether Light Therapy could be helpful for them and, if so, assist them to obtain that help as simply and effectively as possible. We know that many people who have tried Light Therapy on their own or at the recommendation of someone without substantial experience with the equipment have not found LT helpful. Our experience has taught us that Bright Light Therapy is often much more beneficial when customized in response to each individual's needs and their response to the light.

Whenever practical, a face-to-face meeting is the preferred way to introduce a light and begin that assessment. Close monitoring of progress and on-going guidance and support are an integral part of all of our services. We make ourselves available to our clients to facilitate this process and find the best use as quickly as possible for you.

We realize that Light Therapy may be new to many people. Information about Bright Light Therapy is not widely distributed. Although the research studies and other information is available, it can take some searching to find out about it. Unlike many medications, Bright Light Therapy is not controlled by a patent so you will not hear and learn about it from commercials and magazine ads. We have included a Frequently Asked Questions page to begin to answer some of your questions. You can link to it here (FAQ) or from the tab at the top of each page.